How to Spot a Phishing Email

I get several calls on this subject PER DAY!! and mainly the question I get asked is: How do I spot a Phishing email? What is Phishing? First I will explain what Phishing is; Phishing is a way of fraudulently … Read More


One morning, I was sat at my desk in the office when the phone rang. “RLS Computer Services, how can we help you?” I said, with that a lady responded that she was from a “Microsoft” company that had detected … Read More

Cryptolocker Ransomware: Your Data’s Worse Nightmare

Calling all PC users, we from time to time warn you of the dangers of viruses and Trojans, etc. but I felt that an update is CRITICAL, due to a relatively new strand of malware referred to as “ransomware”. It … Read More

Be Safe, Not Sorry!

We all know that computers and technology are advancing at a rapid rate, and with faster broadband and 4G services being rolled out accessing these services can be easily obtainable from smartphones, tablets and personal computers. However, despite the numerous … Read More

I Spy with My Little Eye

Have you ever wondered how those pop ups that you absolutely hate got there in the first place and why every time you go onto the net you immediately get transported to a page that you didn’t ask for or … Read More