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Human error is the main cause of cyber-attacks. End point security protection will only take you so far but educating your employees is the fool proof way to ensure your business is protected from cyber-attacks.

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of businesses admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT security
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of successful cyber attacks are the result of a phishing scam
0 %
of malware attacks use social engineering techniques to exploit users

Source: usecure website

Introducing Usecure…

usecure is the ultimate cyber security awareness training tool for your business. usecure delivers the most admin-lite and cost-effective solution for reducing insider threats and driving secure user behaviour, achieved through five essential features:

Raise security awareness

By building an initial risk profile of each user, uLearn automatically deploys regular training courses that tackle individual cyber security knowledge gaps.

Reduce phishing vulnerability

With usecure's automated phishing tool, uPhish, you're able to monitor and assess user vulnerability to a range of sophisticated attacks over time.

Identify exposed emails

With employees often using their work email address for third-party services, your users' email accounts could be exposed during a data breach.

Simplify policy management

uPolicy eliminates the ineffective and headache-prone nature of traditional policy management by centralising, simplifying and measuring your policy process.

Calculate overall human risk

With usecure's holistic Risk Score, all of your security awareness performance metrics are collected and fused into one digestible calculation.

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