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Signing PDF Documents

Unleash Your Productivity: A Step-by-Step Guide to Signing PDF Documents Like a Pro using Adobe Acrobat Reader Mastering the art of signing PDF documents is a key skill for office professionals looking to streamline their workflow, and Adobe Acrobat Reader … Read More

Exciting News: Upgrade to Hosted Exchange 2019 for Enhanced Service!

At RLS Computer Services, our commitment to delivering the best services remains unwavering. We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade that will elevate your experience to new heights. Starting on Monday, September 18th, we will be transitioning our valued … Read More

Protecting Your Smart Devices Today, our homes have become incredibly convenient and smart. We can control various devices with just a tap on our phones or by using voice commands. It’s amazing how our speakers, voice assistants, cameras, intruder alarms, door locks, and … Read More

Security Changes in Gmail

We have noticed that some of our customers are having trouble sending emails to Gmail accounts. This is because Google has updated its security rules. They now require anyone sending emails to Gmail to have a specific setting on their … Read More

Netgear ReadyCloud Service End of Life

We would like to inform you that NETGEAR will be discontinuing ReadyCLOUD app server by April 1st, 2023. NETGEAR will also be discontinuing ReadyCLOUD service by July 1st, 2023. You may still access the ReadyNAS locally, using Windows, Linux and … Read More

Cost effective computer upgrades

Is your computer running slow? Below are some of the upgrades and services we offer that can bring a bit of extra life out of your PC at a fraction of the cost of a new one. If you are … Read More

What is the best password manager 2022?

Are you sick and tired of having to keep up to date on your passwords for websites in your notebook, trying to remember which one is the most recent one? It sounds like a password manager might be exactly what … Read More

TalkTalk Issues with HomeSafe

From time to time, we come across issues that can baffle even your more focus IT guy. However, we have found a problem that is both simple to fix but also complex in resolution. The issue is with TalkTalk’s HomeSafe® … Read More


As part of our HOMEPLAN+ IT support, we apply updates, upgrades and patches to our clients Windows devices on a specified date each month. If you are subscribed as a HOMEPLAN+ Silver member, you will receive our RLS Patching & Updates … Read More

Issues with Samsung Email App

Update Android OS Some of you have reported issues with the Samsung email app crashing or not starting. This is due to several updates that need to be implemented in order to resolve. Make sure you download and install the … Read More