TalkTalk Issues with HomeSafe

From time to time, we come across issues that can baffle even your more focus IT guy. However, we have found a problem that is both simple to fix but also complex in resolution. The issue is with TalkTalk’s HomeSafe® a product designed to protect any device connected to the customers home router. Whilst it is enabled (which seems to be by default), the web filter will block access to potential harmful content, however this will include access to remote support tools like TeamViewer, ConnectWise Control and LogMeIn which are legitimate tools used by businesses and technical support experts to access remote computers.

We know that these tools in the wrong hands can be very dangerous and can compromise your privacy and data security. However, in the right hands these are tools that help you with tech support and getting you quickly and securely out of a jam.

Do You Need This?
This is a good question, should your use of the Internet be restricted by your ISP or should you have the freedom to choose what is safe or not (hence, complex in resolution)? This author personally does not believe they should and instead follow our simple principle, which is “educate to facilitate…”.

We are all taught that drinking dirty water is going to make you sick, but the water companies do not turn off your water supply on the chance that might happen.

With good anti-virus software, a firewall router, and some good education you can get on using your Internet devices without issues and compromise. Safety and security are kept intact and you don’t have to wonder why certain websites and applications don’t work.

Can I Turn it Off?
Simple answer, yes. You need to head over and log into to your MyAccount in your TalkTalk portal, then:
• Select My Services section
• Select View HomeSafe Settings
• Select Off and confirm that you want this service switched off.
It’s as simple as that!

If you have questions about your Internet security or how to best protect yourself from scams and fraud then please email us at or if you have been a victim of cybercrime report it to Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime

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