Security Changes in Gmail

We have noticed that some of our customers are having trouble sending emails to Gmail accounts. This is because Google has updated its security rules. They now require anyone sending emails to Gmail to have a specific setting on their website. If this setting is not correctly configured, Gmail may think the emails are suspicious or block them completely.

To make sure your emails keep going through without any problems, all websites hosted with us will have the necessary information added to your website within the next 21 days. This will allow our email servers to send messages on your behalf, and Gmail will recognise them as safe.

Why is this important?

Making sure your emails reach their intended recipients is really important to us. One way we can do this is by setting up your domain’s SPF record correctly. This helps build trust between your domain and Gmail, increasing the likelihood that your emails will end up in people’s inboxes. By doing this, we can avoid any issues that might prevent your emails from getting through and protect your professional reputation by making sure they don’t get marked as spam by mistake.

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