Cost effective computer upgrades

Is your computer running slow? Below are some of the upgrades and services we offer that can bring a bit of extra life out of your PC at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

If you are torn on the idea of picking up a new PC because yours is getting old and slow but don’t want to spend the money on a brand-new computer just yet, another great option is looking at some physical upgrades for it.

SSD Upgrades

Our most popular improvement is an SSD upgrade. This is taking the old hard drive (HDD) in your computer, where everything is stored, and transferring it to a new solid-state drive (SSD). Almost every new computer you buy will come with an SSD and now we are able to bring your computer up to the same level. On paper it is 2x faster than your old HDD, but we have recorded improvements of over 3x the speed on booting up and opening applications, and with prices starting at £80 for a 500GB SSD, including data transfer and fitting, this is the first upgrade we suggest to people when their computer is running slow.

RAM Upgrades

Another enhancement we have seen performance benefits from are RAM upgrades. We often see older computers with 2GB-4GB of RAM which is fine when they came out but with applications becoming a lot more resource intensive, we suggest 8GB as an adequate amount. The price of RAM has dropped over the years as well, so prices start at £60 (fitted) for 8GB of DDR4 RAM which makes this a very low-cost solution to an out-of-date computer.

Health Checks

If a physical improvement is not necessarily what you are looking for, then maybe a health check would be better. This includes a full service of the computer, diagnostics, updates and clear out of unneeded system files. Bringing your computer in for a service doesn’t just speed it up though, it will keep it clean, up to date and give it an extended life as well. But not every computer comes in for its service and then straight back out, just like your car, there can be issues we find with the computer, but the service gives us the opportunity to catch it before anything catastrophic happens like a failing hard drive. Just having a chance to look at the computer will allow us to spot any problems starting to arise and can either fix them or suggest a replacement before it’s too late and you end up with all your data lost. With Health Checks costing £48 it is worth contacting us and getting your computer in, so you can browse with the confidence that your computer is healthy and secure.

Still time to buy a new computer?

If none of these options interest you and you have still got your heart set on that new shiny PC, we can also help you out there. We sell new and renewed computers so if you tell us your needs and budget, we will be able to find you a PC that fits you perfectly. Whether you need a fancy custom-built PC, a new Fujitsu laptop for work or a renewed* HP computer for home use we supply it all and if you buy through us, we move your data from the old machine to the new one for free.

*Our new ‘renewed’ range of computers are really showing their worth at the moment, not only are they a fraction of the price of a new computer but they are also more eco-friendly by keeping the amount of tech trash down and creating a new life for these computers. If you would like to find out more about these watch our YouTube video here explaining what we have on offer.

Contact us

If you are interested in any of these services and would like to book in a time to upgrade, or even if you would just like some more information on it, call us on 01553 776937 or email

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