IT Safety & Energy Costs

Two questions that we have been asked quite frequently, “…is it safe to leave my computer running overnight and how much does it cost me….” This article hopefully addresses both of those questions and what you can do to save … Read More

Microsoft Teams Trail Subscription

Microsoft Teams found its way into our lives thanks to the pandemic, since then it has become the go to platform for holding calls, meetings, chats, training, webinars and collaborating with others. In fact, it is so well integrated into … Read More

What You Need to Know – Windows 11

Microsoft have a announced that Windows 11 Release Date is – October 5th 2021 to those who’s PC is compatible. The new Windows OS has a fantastic new look and feel to it with some obvious changes to the desktop, … Read More


As part of our HOMEPLAN+ IT support, we apply updates, upgrades and patches to our clients Windows devices on a specified date each month. If you are subscribed as a HOMEPLAN+ Silver member, you will receive our RLS Patching & Updates … Read More

Working From Home? – Some Practical Guide’s

With the increase in numbers of people self-isolating due to the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, there has been an increase for businesses in getting their staff working from home. In just a few weeks, working from home has moved from … Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice for Businesses

As the number of reported cases of the virus increases, organisations are worrying about their work force and business continuity. This article is advice and practical steps you can take in your business on how you can best work and … Read More

Admin Roles on Social Media

There has been a recent post about an alleged local sex offender and want to point out that although this is an appalling crime, one that I hope the police are fully investigating, it is actually a criminal offence (amongst … Read More

No Deal Brexit – GDPR & Data Protection

As you know on Thursday 31st October the UK is scheduled to leave the EU. But what does that mean in terms of EU laws and GDPR? Data protection has been a major topic of ours over the last couple … Read More

Broadband Providers – Email Settings

Here is a list of all major Broadband providers email settings. The list isn’t verified so please check to make sure they are the most up-to-date details available. PlusNet BT TalkTalk Sky Post Office Virgin

Intel, ARM and AMD CPU Security Issue

Nearly all computers worldwide – and many other devices – have been exposed to security flaws which leave them vulnerable to attacks by hackers. As such we felt it important to warn customers that updates will be rolled out to … Read More