Microsoft Email Scam

This is not necessarily a new scam but more cleverly designed and worded. The email is urging the recipient to act FAST and sign-in with their email credentials¬†with limited time to react, it stresses that your email account will be … Read More

Latest Email Scam – Sextortion

We have received many reports from customers who have received emails claiming that a cyber criminal has hacked their PC and gained footage from their webcam of explicit sexual acts. They threaten that unless they pay $xxxx (usually in Bitcoin … Read More

CyberSecurity – Top Tips

We at RLS Computer Services take cyber-security very seriously and don’t wish our customers to be a victim of fraud. To help keep yourself safe from fraudsters by reducing their chances of getting hold of your information, we have put … Read More

Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?

Can I Trust Emails From HMRC? Recently and after our previous blog ““ we have been asked “Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?“ The answer is not as simple as it might seem, we have already highlighted the root cause … Read More