Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?

Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?

Recently and after our previous blog we have been asked “Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?

The answer is not as simple as it might seem, we have already highlighted the root cause of Phishing emails and why fraudsters send them. Therefore it is highly probable using the guides in my previous blogs that someone will attempt to defraud you at some point claiming they are from HMRC.

Okay, so what to look out for:

  • If the email is from a legitimate source they would normally point you to the web address both visually and as a hyperlink. For example see my link above “″ instead of using just “How to Spot a Phishing Email” as the link. This gives you the choice to type the link in opposed to only clicking the link.
  • Language, if the email is written responsibly then the language would make sense. You woodn’t find bad landwich and granma from the hmrc (exaggerated example, but you get the point).
  • Fake images, alot of HMRC Phishing uses fake or forged images, normally grabbed from Google images. This is NOT a sign of genuine origins so ignore it.
  •  Greed, we all like money and want more of it, however don’t succumb to emails from HMRC telling you that you have received a TAX refund / rebate. HMRC will never contact you about these via email.

These are a few of the key notes you should remember before opening, clicking, acknowledging emails from HMRC, if you follow them it will keep you safe and in the know that the emails they do send you are quite safe to open and deal with.

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