Cold Rebooting Your Router


Customers sometimes lose connection to their Broadband service and cannot re-connect. This could be due to issues with the line or work that is being carried out. If the issue or work has been resolved you might have to reboot your router in order for it to re-connect, this process is called cold rebooting.

To cold reboot your router follow these instructions.

  1. Switch off your PC and WIFI/network printer (this is not critical but helps with successfully re-connecting your PC and printer).
  2. Switch off your router and leave it for at-least 30 seconds.
  3. Switch your router back on and wait at-least 1 minute until it has settled (re-connected to your ISP).
  4. Now switch on your WIFI/network printer and wait for it to connect to your router (30 secs – 1 minute).
  5. Now switch on your PC.
  6. Test your connection (visit www, or other website) or try accessing your emails.

If all is alright you should have successfully re-connected to your ISP, if however you still cannot get access to the Internet, try accessing it with another device (tablet or phone) making sure you are connected to your router.

If that fails, try the above one more time and complete all the processes. If the problem is persistent, contact your ISP and report that you are still unable to connect. Failing that give us a call on 0844 334 2020 for advice.

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