Changes to the Broadband Migration Process

As a Broadband provider we wanted to let all our customers know about changes in the process of switching your Broadband provider. From the 20th June; there will be no MAC needed to transfer broadband services, as part of this, the switching time is now a minimum of 10 working days.

For further information:

These changes are being made to simplify the migration process and to make it consistent with the way that telephone lines are migrated.

From the 20th of June you will no longer require a MAC to switch from one provider to another,  migrations can be done simply by placing an order with the new provider. The single signup journey will no longer request a MAC.

In addition to the removal of the MAC there has been a change to the time it takes to process the orders. A migration will now take a minimum of 10 working days to complete. This allows the losing provider two weeks to stop the migration completing if it is believed to be unsolicited.

This change has come about as a result of an Ofcom decision to simplify the migration process and apply the same rules that are currently in place for switching telephone services. These rules will be applied to all providers and leave the onus of the switch on the gaining provider. The losing party will simply receive a notification stating that the service is migrating away.

Any information in regards to this can be found on the Ofcom website. you can also read an interesting article posted on the ISP Review website here.

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