Top 4 Windows Updates

We always get asked what I should update on my computer, so here are the top 4 updates and upgrades you should always make sure you have on your Windows device.

  • Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a little program that lets you view Portable Document Format files (PDF). This is the worldwide standard for sending documents to people across the Internet. They are safe, secure and usually smaller than their original file formats.

  • Adobe Flash and Shockwave

Flash and Shockwave are multimedia add-ons for your browser that are needed for many modern websites. They allow not only content like animation to be viewed, but also allow video, games and is essential for most catch-up TV services.

  • Java

Java is a programming language and is integral to most web applications today. With it you can play online games and content, but also more importantly many online applications from shopping sites to business applications need it.

  • Your Anti-Virus Software

This really is the top priority; with a good commercial anti-virus program you can protect yourself from many of the attacks that can infect your Windows device. Infections have changed over the years and have gone from being a simple nuisance to more serious consequences. You must make sure you upgrade every year as well as update the definitions.

Please note: when you do update these vital tools you might be offered to install other stuff as well, BEWARE installing additional software although safe might cause your device to behave slowly or conflict with other software, so we recommend NOT installing them.

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