Things are changing…

That’s right things are changing here at RLS, not only are things getting a well-deserved makeover like our websites but we are also changing the way we do business with our customers (more on that later). Some of these changes are just to keep up to date with the way the IT industry is going, but others are for streamlining our business to be better, more responsive and giving customers better access to information, resources and services. These changes will be on a continual roll-out basis whilst others will be immediate.

What are these changes then Rob…?

I won’t go into too much detail about all the changes, however the first change is, as of the 1st July 2013 RLS Computer Services will be RLS Computer Services Ltd. Nothing magical will happen on this date, I won’t be moving to Canary Wharf or you won’t see me driving around in a Bentley (YET!), in fact it will be business as usual.

A second change is one we tried to implement before, however now we’re sticking to it “NO MORE CHEQUES”, instead we will be implementing a card payment system so customers can pay via Debit or Credit Card and we will be able to take payment at customer site too.

Another change comes in the form of our Virtual Helpdesk, which I am so excited about I am going to leave it until later to reveal.

So keep an eye on my Blog and watch this space for other changes coming soon.

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