Phishing Emails – Your choice

You can choose whether you want your account emptied or your credit card cloned…

Users need to be aware that email Phishing is still heavily on the rise and that you can be easily fooled into thinking that these emails are legit.

Phishing is the social engineering process of fooling the recipient into thinking the email is from the organisation that sent it (see attached example). All the links in the email may look like they point to the originator but this is WRONG, hustlers will use this technique in capturing your true credentials, usernames, passwords, PIN number, etc and use it for future crimes, these include:

  • Card cloning
  • Payment scams (direct debits, standing orders)
  • Accessing your true online banking service
  • Identity Fraud

Remember these rules:-

  • Banks NEVER ask for your security details in emails
  • If you are not sure talk to the bank direct
  • Login through the web link that the bank issued you NEVER email links
  • Think¬†before you click

For More Information Click:

Phising Email Example

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