5 Simple ways to reduce junk emails

Before we explore these methods, you might be asking yourself “how did I start getting all this junk email?” There could be several reasons; you may have agreed to receiving information in an on-line survey or registration, you may have subscribed to one service and inadvertently subscribed to another or it could simply be your mate playing a prank on you.

Whichever way you attracted them; Junk emails are a nuisance, so here are my top tips in reducing and even stopping junk emails.

  1. When completing on-line forms look for the little tick box that says “If you want to receive emails from…” you normally have to tick the box to say “No Thanks”, but now companies are getting crafty and are asking you to un-tick the box if you don’t want emails.
  2. If you receive a junk email that uses the words “Click Here to Unsubscribe” ask yourself the question did you subscribe in the first place? Some companies obtain lists of email addresses and send emails out as a test. If you respond then they know your email is active and you get more junk email. Just simply delete the email.
  3. When a telesales operative calls you and requests your email address to send you further details just say “No I don’t use email”.
  4. If your email software has a Junk Email list use it. By adding them to your own personal blacklist and setting auto delete the email will simply come in and go straight in the bin.
  5. Contact your ISP and see if they have a policy and procedure for stopping Junk Emails, some even include Anti-Spam software FREE it’s always worth checking.

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