Security Changes in Gmail

We have noticed that some of our customers are having trouble sending emails to Gmail accounts. This is because Google has updated its security rules. They now require anyone sending emails to Gmail to have a specific setting on their … Read More

Microsoft Email Scam

This is not necessarily a new scam but more cleverly designed and worded. The email is urging the recipient to act FAST and sign-in with their email credentials¬†with limited time to react, it stresses that your email account will be … Read More

Latest Email Scam – Sextortion

We have received many reports from customers who have received emails claiming that a cyber criminal has hacked their PC and gained footage from their webcam of explicit sexual acts. They threaten that unless they pay $xxxx (usually in Bitcoin … Read More

Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?

Can I Trust Emails From HMRC? Recently and after our previous blog ““ we have been asked “Can I Trust Emails From HMRC?“ The answer is not as simple as it might seem, we have already highlighted the root cause … Read More